beautiful merino wool blankets that look as good as they feel

Modern Staples is a unique range of eye-catching merino wool blankets that bring warmth and comfort as well as style and personality to your home.

Luxuriously soft, light and breathable, each blanket is made from 100% Australian merino wool, a high quality non-scratchy fiber that’s ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable.

Whether you use it to style your space, to bring new life to your couch or to slip underneath and read a book (before taking a nap), your Modern Staples blanket is set to become a favorite piece in your home.

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Designed to be comfortable and stylish

Just because a blanket looks decorative and unique doesn’t mean it can’t be something you enjoy curling up and relaxing in…

Modern Staples blankets aren’t museum pieces. They’re designed to be touched, slept in, shared (or not), draped across and hunkered beneath.

Your blanket’s distinctive contemporary-meets-classic look makes any house feel like a home, while its comforting warmth and cozy lightness keep you feeling warm inside and out.

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Sustainable, not synthetic

Modern Staples blankets have a soft, fine feel that’s 100% natural. Made with high quality Australian merino wool, they’re environmentally friendly, biodegradable and completely sustainable.

Merino wool is also naturally antimicrobial, which means your blankets last longer and retain their fresh feeling between each dry-clean.

Unlike with big box retailers, our blankets aren’t produced as an afterthought. In fact, we specialize only in blankets because we love them – how they feel, how they become an essential part of your home, and how they’re missed when they’re not there.

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