1. What do Modern Staples blankets feel like?

Each blanket feels warm yet airy, smooth yet natural, lightweight and soft.

Our blankets are double-face woven jacquard textiles, which effectively means that each blanket consists of three super thin layers of yarn, spun from very fine micron merino wool fiber. Its because of this that Modern Staples are less dense than thicker, heavier blankets.

Because merino wool has a natural ability to trap air more efficiently within its ‘crimped’ fibers, our 100% merino blankets actually insulate your body’s heat, keeping you warmer than the air in the room around you.

2. Are your blankets scratchy like some wool products?

Not at all! Every blanket has a soft, fine, superior handfeel we’re certain your whole family will love.

From fiber selection and yarn spinning, to weaving and finishing, each stage of our process is optimized to enhance the natural softness of 100% merino wool to produce a completely scratch-free textile.

3. How much does a blanket weigh?

All Modern Staples blankets are lightweight and yet remarkably warm. Their high warmth-to-weight ratio is due to the unique ability of merino wool fibers to trap warm air. This insulation creates a cozy microenvironment around your skin.

Individual blanket weights range from 27–32 oz.

4. How big are your blankets?

We currently offer two sizes: 54” x 75” and 60” x 80”. Either size will look beautiful on your couch or bed.

Our Antique Plaids and Decorative Textiles ranges are an industry-standard 54” x 75”. Our Modern Textures range are a little larger at 60” x 80”.

5. Will shedding or pilling occur?

Modern Staples blankets won’t shed at all. Merino wool has a longer staple length than most fibers, and we utilize advanced spinning technology to ensure our yarns are uniform, smooth and strong enough not to shed during use.

Pilling is inevitable for every kind of fiber, both natural and synthetic. It occurs when parts of fibers adhere to neighboring fibers and form a small mass. However, the degree of pilling is dependent on the type of fiber.

When wool pills it doesn’t cling as tightly to the surface as acrylic or other synthetics do, and can be easily removed with a lint comb or roller. Most dry cleaners can de-pill your blanket when you drop it off for cleaning.

6. How should I care for my Modern Staples blanket?

We want you to love your blanket. Though it may appear to be delicate, it is a high quality and well-engineered textile. It’s made to be used as much as admired – so snuggle, sleep, toss and turn… do what you like with your blanket and be cozier doing it!

7. Can I wash my Modern Staples Blanket?

Your blankets should only be dry-cleaned – but don’t worry about having to visit your cleaners too often. Merino wool is naturally resistant to bacteria and doesn’t retain moisture, so will stay clean and odor-free for quite some time.

8. How often should I dry clean?

With daily domestic use we recommend dry cleaning once a year. If your blanket’s more of a guest bedroom showpiece than a couch snuggler, you can easily get away with longer.

9. How should I store my Modern Staples blanket in the summer?

In a word: don’t! Most Modern Staples blankets only see the inside of a closet when their owners prefer not to share them with guests…

We recommend leaving your blanket out on your couch or bed for year-round comfort. Wool isn’t just for winter use – our wonderful merino sheep live in Australia after all! And our lightweight blankets are great to use in the summer months if you have an overzealous air conditioner.

10. Why are you called Modern Staples?

Our name describes both our product and approach – what we call “heritage meets innovation.” Wool is one of the oldest cultivated staple fibers, while our manufacturing processes are decidedly modern.

While our visual aesthetic is informed by rich global traditions, there’s nothing old-fashioned about the advanced yarn spinning and weaving technologies we use to achieve our unique handfeel.

We also believe that from the moment you experience our blankets, they will become absolute essentials (or ‘staples’) in your home.

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