Isn’t this the goal?

Isn’t this the goal?

We Take Naps Seriously

Comfort is essential to happiness. That’s why we set out to produce a home textile that brings pleasure to your every power nap, binge watch and blissful night’s sleep.

And we did it with wool.

Yes, wonderful wool, with its undeserved reputation as a ‘scratchy’ material (it’s not, it’s just that inferior wool products don’t use it properly).

Because when it comes to comfort, wool is the ideal natural material. Particularly 100% Australian merino wool, which is known for its softness, smoothness and strength. Plus wool has a natural ability to insulate while adapting to your body temperature (that’s what keeps you warm but never stuffy, which is why Modern Staples blankets feel great all year round).

And from the cozy fluffiness of our Decorative Textiles range to the luxurious Modern Textures collection, each Modern Staples blanket has a unique, distinctive personality – and an enviable combination of softness, lightness and drape not found in mass-produced textiles or ‘artisan’, handwoven items.

Looking to add a little sophisticated comfort to your downtime? Modern Staples are here for you. Because relaxing is a serious business.

Our blankets are more than just a throw.

Our blankets are more than just a throw.

Blankets With More Personality

Modern Staples aren’t ‘outdoor blankets’. They’re not for taking to the ballgame, or a campsite, or even the porch...

Sure, there are plenty of thicker and heavier blankets that can do those jobs – but they won’t feel exquisite draped against your bare skin, and you probably won’t want to take them to bed with you.

That’s where Modern Staples come into their own: there for you when you need comfort, to keep you warm and cozy but not to overwhelm you.

We designed them for wrapping up in when you wander from couch to kitchen for a snack... and for wearing while you make your morning coffee.

Our customers tell us they love our blankets because they’re soft and smooth, because they enjoy falling asleep in them at night, and because they’re so much more than ‘just a throw’. Which makes us very happy.

About The Founder

Modern Staples was founded in 2015 by Brooklyn-based designer Gaurav Karnani. With 14 years’ textile and manufacturing experience, Gaurav previously worked on teams designing and producing apparel & accessories for the likes of Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Pendleton and

It was while working on a series of woolen scarves in 2007 that Gaurav fell in love with the seductive qualities of wool.

He was introduced to a highly-skilled supply chain of yarn spinners, dyers and weavers, and got to see first-hand how much care and attention went into their processes, from start to finish…

Carefully shorn, natural fleece from australian merino sheep was prepped, scoured, carded, spun, dyed, woven and finished into beautifully soft fabrics with a light fuzz, drapey handfeel and muted colors.

That was when he realized he wanted to collaborate with these experts to create high quality wool textiles with a difference.

Wool has long been underrated as a source of comfort – largely because inferior lambswool is so often used in our blankets and clothes as a ‘layering’ fabric for keeping out the cold, rather than as something you’d wear against bare skin or sleep beneath…

Gaurav wanted to change all that by creating exquisitely comfortable merino wool blankets that would look as good as they felt.

In 2015 he started Modern Staples, and spent the next 18 months designing and developing an uncommonly cozy textile, through a unique combination of skilled design, heritage processes and technological innovation.

Today, people across the US and beyond are experiencing the comforting embrace of a Modern Staples blanket. You can too...

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